Quisol: artist + Organizer


Joseph Quisol (he/him or they/them) is a Bay Area-based artist, educator, and organizer with roots in North Carolina, The Philippines, and Puerto Rico.

Since 2012, Quisol has been composing music, performing and producing QTPOC-centered events in DIY spaces around the Southeast United States, and currently as a Mijente member in the Bay Area. Quisol's music merges his cultural roots with electronic production and acoustic sounds, incorporating themes of revolutionary love and decolonial praxis.

After completing their Master's Degree in Education at Harvard and being awarded a $10,000 grant to produce events in Boston, Quisol released their debut album REVELATIONS and a series of music videos over the course of 2018.

Quisol has also presented his work and hosted workshops on arts and activism in community spaces and conferences across the United States including the 2019 Arts Equity Summit in Boston.